Of The Shire Conference Centre

The Shire is a non-traditional venue and conference centre located on Mink Lake in Carleton, Nova Scotia. The venue and facilities can be rented by individuals or groups looking for a unique setting for their gathering.

The Shire is partnered with the Spilt Rock Learning Centre Association. The SRLCA is a non-profit organization offering a wide range of local and international programs that support community building, youth leadership and rural livelihood.

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Our Facility

Of The Shire Conference Centre is conference centre facility that has function rooms, seminar rooms, training rooms for people to hire for private small and large functions.


The Split Rock Learning Centre works with youth in the Yarmouth Community by offering a a youth drop in twice a week and a full time youth case worker out of the Cotton Mill Community Centre. Split Rock also offers residential and non residential programs throughout the year in the local community, and at the Shire in Carleton Village in the summer and fall. The SRLC programs offer training in a wide variety of areas including youth leadership, community development, entrepreneurship, trades skills, sustainable landscaping/gardening and personal growth. Each of these focus areas is a doorway to people building meaningful relationships to the land, themselves and others, that lead to positive actions in their lives.


Discovery and Practice Ground The combined interests of the Split Rock Learning Centre and the Shire are to constantly be developing appropriate and sustainable practices for the present and the future. The Discovery and Practice Ground is your chance to participate in, develop and discover alternative ways of living. Some of our current practices/projects are: organic gardening, permaculture, alternative education, sustainable building, water catchment systems, dry composting/ waste management, upcycling, social entrepreneurship, creative arts and traditional crafts. If you are interested in any of these projects and would like to learn more, volunteer or if you have any ideas please contact us. We love learning and new ideas.

Venue and Conference Centre

The Shire is on a 165 acres of beautiful land in Yarmouth County, situated on Mink Lake – the land is a mixture of streams, meadow, wetland and Acadian forest. There are a series of interconnected hiking trails, gardens, organic agriculture and environmentally sustainable built facilities and sports activities for groups. The purpose of the Shire is to be a gathering ground for the study and practice of how to build a sustainable human future. The Shire campground, meeting spaces and facilities are available for hire.