Of The Shire Conference Centre

The Shire is a non-traditional venue and conference centre located on Mink Lake in Carleton, Nova Scotia. The venue and facilities can be rented by individuals or groups looking for a unique setting for their gathering.

The Shire is partnered with the Spilt Rock Learning Centre Association. The SRLCA is a non-profit organization offering a wide range of local and international programs that support community building, youth leadership and rural livelihood.

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Your Hosts at the Shire

Jimmy Condon

Founder and Partner of the Shire Master Mason, Carpenter and Tradesman

“Looking at a cedar tree is nicer than looking at a cedar deck, looking at a mountain is nicer than looking at stone work etc ... I am going to be there to build you the facilities needed, though nothing I can build will ever be nicer than the nature that already exists on the Shire. I would like to set an example in building, to show that the structures we live and work in do not need to be so ornate that it damages the beauty that is already around us.”

Tim Merry

Founder and Partner of the Shire Host and Convener of Conversations that Matter

"I believe we can create new ways of working, being and living if we just go for it. From our courage and passion now the organisational and community operating systems of the future will be born. My passion, which is what I do for a living, lies in creating spaces where human beings cut the crap, talk about what matters and take responsibility in terms of action. I have spent years organizing, designing, and hosting inspired spaces – dialogues, strategic change processes, learning conferences, circle councils, networked organizations, communities of practice, conflict transformation, community building, coaching heroes in business – each in support of life-affirming leadership, collaborative learning, organizational and social change and self-organization."